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Hidden Valleys and Waterfalls

November 17, 2015 3 min read No Comments

New Adventure! So I ended up taking a wrong turn yesterday and it turned into an adventure that was really fruitful….photographically.

So how all this started was a simple trip to the grocery store, simple errand right? Well the actual store portion of this story is boring but when I was trying to get back to the cabin, my oh so faithful GPS took me the opposite direction then the way I had come before. Deciding to just go with the flow instead of fighting the “almighty GPS”. I am so thankful that I did because what I found along the way was pure gold!

The road that I was following took me into Historic Flat Rock County. I had a “HOLY CRAP” moment when I caught out of the corner of my eye a waterfall.


This wasn’t just any waterfall though, this was a man-made waterfall that apparently was at an entrance to a resort. With a historical replica of a water house and wheel. What an amazing discovery! I probably could have found this on a map if I tried, not knowing what to look for, but I am so happy that the random direction that the GPS took me led me to this place.


Continuing to follow the GPS I ended up getting more turned around then making any headway on getting back to the cabin. So along the windy road I continued, hoping as the sun was starting to set that I would make it back to the cabin before nightfall. This happy took me to a few other discoveries…

I turned into a driveway to make a U-turn when I noticed up the hill there was a looped driveway, ‘Perfect! That will make it so much easier to turn around,’ I thought to myself. So I followed the driveway up to a house, it turned out this house was actually a historical inn, still used in season. Woodfield Inn est. 1852. The landscape and architecture alone on this house was an eye catcher. But once you started really looking at the details of this home, even just from the exterior, you could see that this house has stood the test of time.


Once I had my fill of taking pictures I actually made the U-turn I originally trying to make and continued on my way.


Finally this winding twisting road had one more discovery for me to make, as I made my climb up the mountain I passed an amazing lake campsite. Which looked more like a kids camp to be honest, there was a water slide, canoes, field games still set up. From there I made my climb and as soon as I made my first corner I felt like I was transported to an enchanted forest. Sounds silly I know, but I went from barren trees awaiting the cold frost to bark at the roots buried deep into the ground, to lush ivy climbing anything it could reach.

And nearly in the blink of an eye I was back in a forest preparing for winter again. That concludes my elaborate adventure of winding twisting roads taking me to hidden valleys and glorious waterfalls.

Traveling Photographer Out!


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