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Southern Days…

February 8, 2016 3 min read No Comments

Over the last several days I have been able to see a side of the south that I haven’t really experienced before and that is the swamp lands!


For the first time in my life I finally got to explore the Everglades! I had always heard so many crazy stories from the Everglades growing up but to hear the name I used to always think that it was a mountain ridge…when in fact it is literally the exact opposite.

PAH_5025I have to say that exploring Florida has been a huge eye opener for me, before when I came here to visit I never really experienced the state. I got to see iconic locations and events but I never was really here…if that makes sense. It has been fascinating for me to experience the different cultures of Florida; Daytona is still considered northern and slightly removed from most of the other “iconic locations” of Florida but is renowned for it’s beach and the parties that are thrown on said beach. Then you have Miami “district”…oooh boy that is a different breed all together! They are high class, high dollar and about 90% of the population wasn’t born in America. *explosion sound* mind blown! PAH_5031

Further down South you are starting to get more of the “Swamp People” way of life but that lifestyle takes a break as you continue down the state to Key West which is just madness captured on an island. They have the perfect balance between year round spring break and island fever. Anyways back to the swamp life! Coming across the state via  highway 41, which is the dirt path, scenic route that you can take from the Fort Lauderdale area to For Myers. PAH_5041I must say that I am thankful my friend took me the scenic route because what an eye opener for me! I was shocked to see the brink of the water line hanging out in what would have been the ditch on a normal road. I couldn’t help but think to myself with concern, ‘It wouldn’t take more than a good down pour before the entire area would have been flooded.’ PAH_5052Everything in this area is designed to help people just relax! Sometimes it is good when we have no cell reception, no facebook, no internet…nothing but good ol’ fashion fun and quality time. Removed from the everyday grind of a big city the people who live in the “swamp” understand the quality of life. PAH_5074

What I truly love is the people down here, they don’t care what people elsewhere are doing or dressing it is just a simplified way of life down here and it is exactly what the doctor ordered! These people are have it all figured out. They are able to fish from the pier, take a ride on the waters of the everglades, watch the sunset over the ocean from a porch…sounds like a good life. PAH_5093PAH_5110What I love about out here is the random places that you find along the way and how many of these “mom and pop” shops have such an extensive history that have made them a landmark of sorts in the area.PAH_5116PAH_5127I have also realized that by the end of this trip I will be a pro at driving in any weather. Thus far I have driven through mountains, frost, sunshine, pouring rain, isolated tornadoes, flooding and weather the locals warn you about “wait five minutes it’ll change.” Thus far the only state I have seen that statement being exceedingly true is in Florida. It pours with rain then a beautiful double rainbow…PAH_5143Five minutes later it was raining again…

Just checking in from Southern Florida

Traveling Photographer Out!


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