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Which Road to Take?…

April 7, 2016 3 min read No Comments

“When the Lord shuts a door somewhere he opens a window”…

It still amazes me to see how quickly life can change. Sometimes it morphs slowly, changing slowly overtime. Other times it happens faster than the blink of an eye, you take a single breathe and whatever you knew before is gone.


After much thought my direction is changing from where I have been going the last six months and I am going to recollect what I want to do with my life and which direction I want to take as I peruse my dream. Since this change still is a shock to me I think that it is important to take a time to really think about and explore all my options.

So, I am going to take some time to breathe! I am going to make my way across the country to Idaho where I will be making my home with my husband but I am going to take a little time to get to get there. For the first time since I joined the Navy, to do my own explorations with no where to go and now time limit to get there.

To me the open road has always given me a sense of direction and peace so I think that taking this time will be good for me to recenter and refocus my dreams. I truly believe that you can always find the good in any situation and in this situation I have a lifetime of memories and experienced as well as building my skill level as an artists in areas I wasn’t strongly suited in before. PAH_4190

But now on to the next adventure! I am excited to see where this road will take me, both metaphorically and physically! I am going to be able to see friends I haven’t seen in years along the way as well as stopping to see places that I have always dreamed about visiting like one of my first main stops…New Orleans!  I have always wanted to see Mardi Gras, feeding my love of Venice and the Venetian culture that came across the boat to the Louisiana Bayou. However, I did miss that this year and to enjoy partaking in that event that would also mean that I would have to get over my issue of being around lots of people…both things to be done in the future. But New Orleans has always been on my list of places to visit and go explore so now that I am a hop skip and a jump away from it I figured I can’t get this close without taking the plunge!

I am nervous, anxious, excited and hopeful to see what new is written in the next chapter of my life. But at the closing of this particular chapter in my life I have to say thank you. Though it truly breaks my heart to continue on my “book” without seeing to the end this particular adventure but I am thankful to of had this chance in the first place. Not many people can say that when a once in a lifetime opportunity walks through their front door they actually took it. Not many people are given the chance to be nurtured while learning and growing in knowledge and experience while they are on the job. This is the second time someone took a chance on me, knowing that I may be a little raw, and gave me the chance to do something great. To be given that chance not just once but twice…I am honored beyond words can ever express and even more so I am thankful that someone put their faith in me. I can only continue to hope that that faith wasn’t misplaced and that I didn’t leave as a disappointment.

I am very proud about what I have been able to accomplish thus far in my short career throughout the military and in the beginning of my civilian career. I am proud not because of the level of work, entirely though still proud of that as well, I am proud because I know that what I have done is helping to make a difference. I like to think that on a personal level I helped make a difference in one person’s life. To me that is more than enough…

Once again hitting the road with just a new direction to follow

Traveling Photographer Out!


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