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Lone Star State of Mind…

April 28, 2016 2 min read No Comments

Coming from Alaska I have always made fun of Texas but mostly of their saying “everything is bigger in Texas” since Alaska is twice the size of Texas with room to spare but all of this is beside the point.PAH_5603

Driving through this state I thought I was about to go insane! Though the day was beautiful, the sky was clear and blue, it was 83 degrees and the road was open…the road just never ended. Part of the problem is that I was getting so close to being home and yet I was still so far away.

One of my favorite things about going on this adventure is the people I have seen. As I made my way across the extensive state of wide open state I was able to reconnect with people who I haven’t seen in many, many years. And it never ceases to amaze me how after so many years, when friends are true, things never really change. PAH_5675

The lone star state has been a true eye opener for me, it really is an interesting state. Like how this state seems to copycat so many other cities from other states and countries, Paris, Reno, Denver, Athens so and so forth. It blows my mind! If nothing else, it did give me entertainment while I was traveling on the flat straight roads of Texas.PAH_5819

Entering Texas through Texarkana I went from country roads (speaking of who has ever heard of a Farm Road “FR”) to the big city of Dallas. It never stops to amaze me how interesting this country is, one minute you are in the middle nowhere and the next thing you know there is overhead freeways and skyscrapers!PAH_5843

As I pushed across the state I found myself in Amarillo Texas, home to the Cadillac Ranch! A roadside attraction that has been talked for years. Standing along the historic Route 66 a group of artistic hippies from San Francisco who called themselves “the Ant Farm” with a billionaire benefactor. These guys wanted to contribute a public piece of art that would baffle the locals so ten Cadillacs were driven into one of the fields owned by the benefactor and buried nose down all in a row!


Just another interesting fact and sight to see in the state of Texas, I only made it through a fraction of the state but I must say there are some mighty interesting things to see in this state…nine states down…six more to go!

Traveling Photographer Out!


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