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October 4, 2016 3 min read No Comments

Sadly, the winds were too strong so they cancelled the events for the day so instead of going to the balloon fiesta today we decided we would go hang out in Old Town, which is one of Peter’s favorite places to go visit while he is in Albuquerque. pah_7212While we were in Old Town it never ceases to amaze me how much this little slice of town has never changed. It was even said today that it changes (people, products, stores) but somethings about Old Town never change. I also love all of the art that is brought out from the Native cultures and seeing the how the different tribes express themselves through art, pottery, music, jewelry and so much more. Though each tribe has a unique style and traditions that play into those styles it is so interesting to see those differences put next to one another on the sidewalk to be sold, or in a shop or gallery. The Navajo, the Ute, the Apaches, or one of the other 22 tribes that surround the Albuquerque area, they are all so different and yet have such amazing similarities at the same time. pah_7232

Have you ever found yourself in a once in a lifetime situation that is completely up your alley and you have to just thank God that you happened to be in the right place? At the right time? Sometimes you just get lucky and other times it really is a miracle that things work out the way they do.

That was how it was for me today, we had spend several hours walking around Old Town with family members but just after lunch time they had to go their separate ways from us, leaving us to wonder around Old Town on our own. Of course once they left I, being the pregnant chick, immediately had to go to the bathroom. So Peter and I found ourselves making nearly a direct beeline for the bathrooms which were basically near the center of Old Town, also an area we had JUST left when we had family with us. After my quick bathroom break I saw a tent which has an older gentleman sitting signing books.


Naturally my curiosity, which should have killed the cat by down but I don’t have cats so…, took over and I had to go check it out. In BIG letters behind the elder was a sign saying “Navajo Code Talkers”. My heart must have skipped a beat or two while it was dropping to my stomach!  I sat there and listened to him as he shared his story to the people in front of me, he talked about his time at Iwa Jima and many other highly notable locations during WWII history. In his late 80s and yet he still remembers every detail as if it were yesterday, he had a folder in front of him on his desk filled with pictures of him while in the service.

pah_7266pah_7267This to me was one of the greatest moments I might experience on this trip all together. Though our purpose here was to spend time with family and experience the Balloon Fiesta I found a hidden gem in the midst. Something I feel like God brought out just in time and just for me. Not only does this speak to my love and deep passion to preserve the Native culture and communities but also my love and passion for America History as well as my ties to the military. This one I knew was from God because the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.


Later in the evening, after a wonderful dinner surrounded by family, I was told that the sunset coming was going to cast a pink shad0ow against the mountains giving the mountain’s namesake. And I must say that when the light his the side of the mountain it literally takes your breathe away! The sweet pink sun blazing up the mountain side is absolutely astounding!


Well that is all for me now but there will be much more to report after tomorrow!!

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