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Green Valleys to White Peaks…

March 17, 2017 3 min read No Comments

Traveling photographer taking you on an adventure again!

This time my adventure turned into a premature adventure…who would have thought that a few thousand feet in altitude would affect an adventure so much. Let me rewind and explain.

The last two weeks the weather has been sunny, summery and seventy degrees! So I had started to research where in the state I could start to take date trips, I am starting to get stir crazy sitting on the couch. Don’t get me wrong, I love working from home and having the ability to stay with my daughter and not having to worry about putting her in daycare…however, I don’t sit still well. So I devised a plan and a list of places that are maximum of four hours in travel time locations for me to start exploring on days I have a light work load or weekends.

This first location was one I read about in a magazine, Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh, it is a Marsh located near the Boise Natural Forest that is filled with beautiful blue flowers all the way down the valley, I chose to go to this location first because I could visit on my way up to the winery…a little out of the way but a track I could follow in a kind of triangle pattern. PAH_4009

Since the weather has been so nice lately I thought it would be a great day to take a drive. However, what I didn’t know how high in elevation this place was…try an extra 1500+ in elevation from home. Man did that change things…


…changed things a lot…like 5 feet of snow a lot… PAH_3942

So I figure I should make the best of it anyways since I was already up there and the little one was still asleep in the backseat. We ventured on…PAH_3953

Though I didn’t find what I was looking for exactly it is interesting to me how a misadventure still has a happy ending…at the end of the road there is still a way to find something new. PAH_3971

I was excited to be able to take some beautiful winter landscapes, throughout the winter since I was first highly pregnant then had a newborn and wasn’t really in a position to be out traipsing through the snow with an infant. PAH_3972The mountains were so crisp and cool, it almost looked like it could be a Coors commercial with the silver bullet train breezing through at any moment. I found it so entertaining to watch the thermostat in my car go drop from 72 degrees to 34 when I reached 5,587 ft altitude then to raise again to 70 as I cruised back down the mountain side again. PAH_3990

As you can see the snow peaked it was quite deep…so fascinating though to go from green to white back down to green…in just a short amount of time and dropping several hundreds of feet in altitude of course.PAH_4012

More adventures to come!

Traveling Photographer Out…


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