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Days Before A Journey…

July 11, 2017 2 min read No Comments

Counting down the days until my next grand adventure I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I have always had this “kid complex” when it comes to big trips or going on trips to locations I have never been before. Though I always enjoy setting out on a new grand adventure there is always a new thrill when I know that I am going somewhere completely new. I don’t have any favorite places to go, no where I have memories, it is a wide open canvas ready to be painted with new memories.

The particular trip I am referring to is my first long distance road trip since my daughter was born to San Francisco! Though I have paired this trip up with a family visit and some work thrown in there, I still feel like a kid, all giddy.

I don’t know why I always get this way before a major trip, when I was younger I would get so excited about a trip that I would pack a month a head of time! Crazy I know but I thought that if I was all packed and ready to go then time would go by faster and the trip would just be here overnight. Silly concept with a child’s mindset but even to this day I have to remind myself that there are things I need everyday that I can’t pack early or I need to go grocery shopping so I can’t fill up the back yet.

As the days draw ever closer I become more and more excited! But that is just the wanderer in me…

Traveling Photographer Out!


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