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Sea Spray and Golden Gateways…(Part 4 Cruz Coast and Trolley Bells)

August 29, 2017 3 min read No Comments

(I am quite late on posting this so my apologies)

Parting is such sweet sorrow…

The last day of my grand adventure we had one last bucket list…The San Fransisco Trolley. But I am going to backup a day…

While my dad was with us we decided that we all needed a good beach day, so we took a day trip down to Santa Cruz. I was a little worried about this day trip however, we had all been in the car a lot the last few days and I knew that in just a few days I was going to be in the car driving for 10+ hours going home. I had to debate with myself it was a good idea to take the day trip, Santa Cruz beach was about an hour and a half away and it was a beautiful Sunday. That combination to me spells traffic, especially when I learned that it was a two lane road that winds and twists down to the coast.


It was a beautiful drive. I love banking and curing around tight corners, feeling like you are spiraling down to the center of the earth, you come out of the last corner and the world opens up in front of you to the sweet ocean view that reaches on as far as the eyes can see.


That view has always fed my soul, how my heart longs to be back out to sea. I don’t ever see myself going back out to see with the Navy, at least not while Harmony is living at home. But to push away from the docks again and to watch the sunset on an eternal horizon…there is no view like it.


The next day I had to see my dad off, slowly we were getting to the end of our adventure. On my last day in the city I had one last item on my bucket list, the San Francisco Trolley.If you want to do ride the trolley be prepared to stand in line a looooong time. When we first got in line it was estimated at a 90 min wait…actual time waiting almost 2 hours. This information might detour some people but don’t let it, the experience is totally worth it. And even when you are standing there in line there is so much to see, hear, experience.

It is fascinating to watch people, have you ever just watched people? Going about their jobs day-to-day. Many times people pay no mind to to those who work the dirty jobs or service jobs but without them and yet without them simple things like the trolley system wouldn’t work.


Feeling the “whoosh” as you pass another trolley along the tracks, the ringing of the bells as they clang down the streets. You never know who you may find on the tracks, in fact along our ride home we stopped to pick up the Mayor of San Fransisco and his wife. Though not the current Mayor, that title that still holds respect throughout the city.


We visited Fisherman’s Wharf again, this time we took our time to really explore. Going in and out of shops and down several piers, I was sad to say goodbye to the sea again. The smell of the salt air and watching the waves always has brought me such peace. 


I have never been able to get over my love of just observing life as it happens. There are all these stolen moments, things that happen when no one else is looking. That is what I love about San Fransisco and other large cities like this one. With live music you see stolen moments on every street corner, joyful moments that last only a second.

With many for adventures to come
Traveling Photographer Out!


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