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Taking on the Sunsets…

February 2, 2018 4 min read No Comments

Oh sweet journeys!

The traveling photographer is at it again! Though it is a quick trip I am feeling like my old self. This time two years ago I was on the beach in Key West, FL and today I have found myself on the opposite end of the country on the beaches of San Diego!

There is little to not love about the ocean, the rhythmic pounding of the waves against the shoreline, the smell of salt water and seaweed fills the air. Take a deep breath…breathe deep…and exhale. Don’t you feel more relaxed now? The power in the air being by the sea is amazing – I have yet to find anything that is quite like it!PAH_6220

Okay so I am in San Diego for a business trip, but you know me! Anytime I get the chance to take an adventure I take it and jump with both feet. So I am here with my business partner for a semi annual training called a “Meet up”, we flew in the day before the conference so that gave us time to explore around San Diego. Though both him and I had both been here before, San Diego is a big city and there is always something new to see.

The whole afternoon of being there felt like I was reliving a memory. The last time I had been there was the night before I had left American soil for my first deployment – thinking about that now it feels like a lifetime ago!

I decided it was good to move on from the things I once knew in my Navy life and continue to explore this beautiful city! After spending hours walking around the waterfront we visited an area of the city I had never been before – “The Gaslamp Quarter”. Thinking this would be somewhat similar to the French Quarter in New Orleans I knew I had to visit it!


Talk about a cool area! This  area extends from Broadway to Harbor Drive, and from 4th to 6th Avenue, covering a total of 16½ blocks. Walking around you can see 94 historic buildings, most of which were constructed in the Victorian Era, and are still in use with active tenants including restaurants, shops and nightclubs.

Though the Gaslamp Quarter Association was officially chartered in 1982 by the City of San Diego under State Law, the Gaslamp Quarter’s Merchant Association goes back several decades and the historic commercial district that would become the Gaslamp Quarter began as William Heath Davis’ New Town in 1850. The Gaslamp Quarter’s colorful history, combined with its modern-day, world-class boutiques, galleries, and restaurants, is what makes this urban district unlike any other.
(Gaslamp Quarter History)


After spending the afternoon walking around the Gaslamp district everyone was a little tired from all the walking we did, so we parted ways – they went back to the hotel and I continued on my way!

I have got to start warning people before going out on an adventure with me, this seems to happen every time I go out with people. I get ambitious when I am out exploring, I just keep walking. It is like the song from “Finding Nemo” Just keep swimming well my motto is Just keep walking. Because I just keep going and going and going.

Now venturing solo I decided that I was going to FINALLY visit the Old Point Loma Lighthouse! I have been to San Diego multiple time and had yet to make it to that lighthouse, strange concept for me since normally visiting a lighthouse is the first place I go to when visiting the coastline. PAH_6287

The strong wind racing along the coast as it pushed a storm cloud front in from the sea I watched the sunset disappear, swallowed by the storm that pushed itself inwards towards the shore. The smell of the salt water, sea weed and rain combined filled my nose and my heart was glad again!

Rain began to fall, pattering my face with the strength of the wind as it was hurled in from the ocean. This was a California rain though, it only lasted a few moments but it was long enough to dampen my jacket and fill the air with the smell of fresh rain. PAH_6315

What I didn’t know was out there was a National Cemetery, this cemetery is the Pacific equivalent of Arlington Cemetery in Washington D.C. Since my time in the Navy I have felt a deep connection with prior service members. I feel such a respect to the brave men and women who have come before me and in a place like this they gave their lives in service of not only this country but paved the way for me and my future.

PAH_6373As the sun set on my grand adventure visiting this sacred ground I could almost feel the peace wrap around me. Can you imagine having that few for the rest of eternity? People pay millions of dollars for a view like that, whoever designed the location of this cemetery knew how to take good care of our Veterans.


Always excited to share my adventures with you! So if you are in San Diego be sure to check out the Gaslamp district and the Old Point Loma Lighthouse both are family friendly and inexpensive to enjoy. Note: Old Point Loma Lighthouse closes at 5pm and the tide pools (which are really fun for family’s with small children to enjoy) closes at 4:30pm so plan your trips to visit to give you at least 90 minutes to enjoy that area.

Stay tuned for an adventure filled year!

Traveling Photographer Out!


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