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Fields Of Lavender Forever…

July 8, 2018 2 min read No Comments

Many adventures abound!

What I love about being willing to take a drive is, you open yourself up to countless more opportunities to see some REALLY cool things! Yesterday we took a drive from Twin Falls to Eagle because the good ol’ “book of faces” (Facebook) informed me that there was a lavender festival happening at the Red Chair Lavender, which is an urban farm.

I thought that we were going to get disappointed when the GPS was taking us down ritzy residential homes, but when we were half a mile out suddenly cars were taking up the entire road with parking and I got very excited that this was going to be great! PAH_8712

You could smell the lavender before you could see it, the air smelled sweet and soothing. The horizon turned purple! The air began to buzz with the sound of bees flying around. PAH_8715

This is the closest I have ever gotten thus far to one of my photographic bucket list shots, Provence France. The endless fields of lavender, the shot that photographers dream about! Well this one was pretty close. Everything was themed with lavender, the food, drinks, water, lotions, bath bombs, beer, you name it…it probably had lavender in it! PAH_8744

Though it was a small festival there was just enough things to attract young couples, families with small children and older friends coming out to play in the sun. What I loved the most about this, other than the view, was that the air was filled with not only the sounds of bees buzzing around but with the sound of children laughing.


These are experiences that get children away from TVs and cell phones and in the sunshine, enjoying food with live music and the children are enjoying just as much as the adults. PAH_8765

Traveling Photographer Out!


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