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July 20, 2018 2 min read No Comments

What a whirlwind! You think that you’ve had a crazy week? Sit your butt down and lemme tell you what a REAL crazy week looks like.

Yesterday I got a phone call from my husband after he was already at work, he asked me if I wanted some good news, curious I replied ‘sure!’. He says, ‘no do you want some REALLY good news?’, I thought for sure he had gotten promoted at work or something along those lines. 11030752_903810179655704_2135525846435702464_o

“WE GOT SPAIN” he yelled
“What?!” utter shock
“I just got the email, I was selected for Spain orders!”

At this moment I am 99.2% sure that I had a heart attack or a stroke or something! Because there is NO WAY I am hearing him correctly! We are moving to Spain, that is what I just heard but there is no way that is correct!


It was SUCH a surprise! I could barely stand, when the news finally processed through my brain I think I exploded in THE biggest happy dance I have ever done in my life! Living abroad! This is something I have dreamed about for YEARS and now, thanks to the military, it is going to happen! 12022334_903810266322362_8305973520055664186_o

The mental lists of things that have to happen between now and when we have to move are endless and the stress lists will also be lengthy but the sentiment is still the same – WE ARE LIVING IN SPAIN! 12027187_903808876322501_2271378616220975841_o

This makes me even more thankful that I have extensive traveling experience because this is much less daunting since is a country we have visited before, (and I made port several times in Rota, where we will be living) we have time to pick up the language (at least enough to get by), we will have support in the moving process and the end result is being able to travel, explore and have a once in a lifetime experience that most people NEVER will have the opportunity – or they are too scared to breach out of their comfort zone for longer than a week or two.

Stay tuned for more updates and research of my ever growing bucket list!


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