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Déjà Vu-lloon…

September 1, 2018 3 min read No Comments

Greetings Wandering Wanderlust Adventurers!

Today I am going to tell you a tale about how sometimes we get very spoiled in life. Perfect example…in 2016 I went to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta! Which is, I believe, the largest balloon festival in the country. My husband had grown up going to the ABQ balloon fiesta, when we met he had shown me a calendar that his Grandmother sent him every year from fiesta. As soon as I saw that calendar I knew that I HAD to go to this event. Finally in 2016 we were able to make the drive down from Idaho to FIESTA!

I was told that my first experience with fiesta was VERY different than what most people get, our family had won a ride with one of the balloon teams so we were able to go on the field with the crews, VIP parking, no long lines to get in, it was a breeze! This is why I say I am very spoiled…PAH_8996

When we moved to Idaho I saw that there was an annual balloon festival, but when I mentioned it to my husband he said that it wouldn’t compare to fiesta so he wasn’t interested. This year that changed, mostly because I told him I wanted to go and get out of the house for the weekend.

This time I experienced a balloon festival, even though it was smaller, like a true spectator. It was hard to get into parking, walking a ways to get to the field, staking out our location and having to be pushy when people were encroaching on our space, taking turns with the stuff and the baby to go to the bathroom or food. Dealing with long lines, crowds, ect. PAH_9002

What I think translates over from any event I’ve been to…it is worth it! Making memories with your family, friends, loved ones, children, or even by yourself! Even though dealing with long wait times, large crowds of people or terrible traffic situations. It is worth it! PAH_9041One thing that was really unique I hadn’t seen before was they a kids dance party under the Coco-Cola and the Cap Ed Credit Union balloons. How cool is that? Age 2-12 got to rock out and shaka-shake off their energy to help the parents. Because once the glow started you can see the stillness of mesmerized/exhausted kid’s faces across the park.


My favorite night of Balloon Fiesta was the glow night, this might have something to do with the fact that I love doing night photography but I also think that the unique lighting does something to the atmosphere, both literally and metaphorically.


The announcer started the countdown, “5…4…3…2…1…GLOW” and the park erupted in cheers of joy, children’s faces (including my baby) lit up with joy and awe. From utter darkness to these shining torches of light! There is so much to take in during a 15-second glow, even for an adult. Silhouetted bodies clung on to one another watching the balloons light the night and waves of heat reached out to the closer observers while the ones in the back clung to one another in love and for heat. PAH_9153

There is something truly magical about events like this, which is why I continue to seek them out along my travels far and wide.

Traveling Photographer Out!


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