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Zipping Giants…

November 7, 2018 2 min read No Comments

This trip is FULL of first experiences! Today we went on a crazy adventure! My first Zip Lining! We ventured off “tourist island” and pointed the car towards the mountains. It didn’t take long for the road to switch from pavement to dirt road, as we were tossed back and forth in the back seat I couldn’t help but feel like I was being engulfed by the scenery around me.

20181103_1338238253719224214100243.jpg Once you get away from the 5 star resorts you start to see what life is really like here in Fiji. Sheet metal houses built on cinder blocks, laundry hanging out on the line to dry and community animals wondering through your backyard.

As we passed over a bridge where we saw a woman scaling a fish, just sitting on a rock in the river. I found myself laughing as she turned around when she heard the van driving by and waved her fish at us to show us what she was doing. 20181103_1400071815033988196255849.jpg Finally we dipped into the valley of the Sleeping Giants. Where the next portion of our adventure would take us!

While I was getting cinched down in my harness my heart was pounding! I have a fear of heights that combats with my love of adrenaline. I know that the experience will be worth getting over my fear of heights but it always makes me hesitant at first.


Zip zap later! It was amazing! Exhilarating, invigorating, thrilling, are just a few words to describe my first zip lining adventure! Oh but wait…there’s more! Not only did we get to zip line around the national park twice! But once everyone in our group was done we got to hike up to the Orchid Falls. 20181103_1632236395941487482551251.jpgWhen we dipped our toes into the cool and refreshing water it felt like heaven! The crystal clear water washing away the dirt and sweat from hiking to the falls made it worth taking my shoes and socks off. Of course, being who I am you can’t just dip your toes in the water…I had to take a stroll! Seeing that there was a rock platform next to one of the falls and the water looked shallow enough to walk over to it, it would be stupid to NOT go over and explore! 20181103_1639578198695011983925600.jpgThis is what I love about going out and exploring in new countries. You get to see a life that is different from yours, like scaling a fish sitting on a rock in the river. Or try new things, like ziplining or just enjoying the little things about life that make it worth living! 20181103_1632535823630957724802280.jpg

Keep exploring my friends!

Traveling Photographer Out!


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