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November 27, 2018 2 min read No Comments

A night to remember! We thought it would be good, before our trip is over, to have a night full of culturally cooked food, laughter, fire dancing and delight! And the best way to serve this experience up was on a Robinson Crusoe silver platter.

Even though we were going out for a dinner cruise we got picked up in the middle of the afternoon, we learned later because it was nearly an hour to get to the jetty! We stepped aboard the waiting boat for a short 35-minute ride to Robinson Crusoe Island. PAH_2850
Though, at this point of the trip we were all a little tired of sitting. Upon arrival, we hopped off the boat onto the warm shores and my toes sunk deep into the soft sand. We were “warmly” greeted by an island warrior and then escorted into the village which was dotted with traditional thatched bures.


I think that this was one of the coolest ways that we were able to see an insider glimpse to ancient Fijian culture. For dinner, indulge in a sumptuous ‘’lovo’’ feast, which is a traditional style of cooking smorgasbord including barbecued chicken, just-caught fish, fresh salads, and local fruits. It was so wonderful to enjoy a nice evening with the waves quietly crashing against the soft shoreline. Then the real fun began!


What I really wanted to see all night – a thrilling live performance of fire and knife dancing. I don’t know what it is about fire dancing, it could be the adrenaline rush I get watching it or the sheer joy I have watching a beautiful tradition that takes immense amount of training and skill. But there was more than just fire and knife dancing, there were also traditional storytelling dances, which spoke to me more than the fire dances.


These beautiful, strong dancers showed us both the elegant and the survival side of the Fijians. We could see how the styles of each dance changed as new voyagers from other islands came and brought their cultures to the islanders.


Traveling Photographer Out!


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