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December 25, 2018 3 min read No Comments

This post is quite delayed but that’s what happens when you are out of the country for three weeks and have to catch up again on real life.

I wanted to share with you the last adventure that we took before making the long haul home. ECO TRAX! PAH_4246

During our vacation we have gone on numerous adventures that I thought ‘no way anything could top this’ well this adventure was no different (the Shark Dive has been the #1 thus far though). Eco Trax is the world’s first electric rail tour – making it available for anyone! They even have baby seats they strap onto the back to make sure little ones travel safely. (You can see it in the first bike in the photo above)

The rail track that you are riding on is non operational. It is an old sugar cane railway so you don’t have to worry about an oncoming trail and diving for your life off the bike. The super cool thing about these bikes is the fact they are electric. So if you have a bad knee or are out of shape, this tour don’t deter you from coming out and seeing beautiful Fiji! There is a little toggle on the side of the handlebars that allows you to use the batter power to travel or you can get a little work out in and peddle your heart out if you wanted. Totally up to you and what you are able to do!


The tour is about 15k round trip so you get to see a decent amount of landscape, which was perfect for us. Since we were flying out that night and were going to be cooped up for more than 12 hours to get home – having an outing that allowed us to stretch our legs, soak up the sun and see the views was perfect! PAH_4350The tracks took you along the coast line where you could see crystal blue waters and white sand beaches, then the trail leads you through parts of the jungle where the trees are so thick that you can’t see the water even though you can hear it just through the rustling of the leafs on the trees. PAH_4394Another aspect of this tour that I loved was the part of the track that took us through two small villages. We only stopped long enough to pick up some coconuts from the villagers to take to the beach with us but the kids were out in swarms all wanting to give high fives to everyone, including Harmony. Around every new corner there was a new beauty to behold but what I loved most was being free to breathe in the salty air and soak up the heat of the sun while being surrounded by nature. Talk about a freeing experience. PAH_4402

Finally we arrived at the abandoned beach that Eco Trax uses for our break. This is where you can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, hanging on the beach, picking up shells, or just soaking your feet in the warm ocean water while eating local fruits and coconuts. I couldn’t think of a better way to end our trip, we were pressed for time getting back but that is just because I tend to be over anxious about getting to the airport crazy early for international flights. PAH_4534

In summary for our trip to Fiji, YOU HAVE TO GO! If you have any desire to be surrounded by beauty and beaches, go diving with sharks, snorkel and eat pizza on a floating pizzeria/bar, take a fishing trip on coral, learn to cook like a local, rush down rivers on boats that make you feel like your flying, zipling among giants or learn and visit with locals while they teach you about their cultures – Fiji is the place for you to visit!

Traveling Photographer Out!


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