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How Cheap Can You Travel?…

January 15, 2019 2 min read No Comments

Now that moving to Spain is getting a lot closer I find myself day dreaming…and night dreaming too about where all can I travel while we live in Spain. The answer? EVERYWHERE!

I have thought of myself as kind of a pro when finding deals on travel – this is how I have been able to do so much when visiting another country(s) because I am always hunting for the deal.

I’ve use apps like:
Air BnB

To help me find deals or just searching and doing massive amounts of research to help me save a buck or two. A few nights ago my husband and I were laying in bed and we decided to see how long it would take us to drive from the South of Spain (we are talking ALL the way down there) to Paris.

To drive it was going to take us over 18 hours (way more since I have a husband over 6 ft tall and a toddler) – okay that option is out!

Next option…Train (I LOVE the train) it would take us over 20 HOURS because there isn’t a direct train from where we are going to be to Paris (or even a remote direct-ish line)

Okay – last option: Flying. I thought that this was going to up the cost of our traveling massively. As we all know flying isn’t always the cheapest option because it tends to be very expensive. On our honeymoon we flew from Athens to Rome (this was in 2015 – one way) which was about $350. Still not terrible but that can jack up the prices of a trip fast. But we figured ‘what the heck, we should just check’ it was going to be a 2.5 hour fight and cost $60 ROUND TRIP per person!!!

I just searched again for tickets from Rome to Paris for 2 adults and one child (since my baby is over 2 now and I lost that infant bracket) $160 ROUND TRIP! rome to paris

This is one of the main reasons why I am so excited to move to Europe, the travel around is SO cheap! We could go anywhere we wanted to and be able to do it without breaking the bank! It feels like the whole world just opened up to us for the next three years. The closer we get to finalizing information about our move the more excited I get, I am starting to make my bucket list of places I want to visit while we live there so I don’t miss out on all the possibilities!

Of course while still leaving room to be spontaneous!

Traveling Photographer Out!


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