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My Dear Luna…Farewell

May 7, 2019 2 min read No Comments

Dear Luna,

Do you remember the first day we met? It was late November 2014 and I had just come home from my final deployment in the Navy a few weeks prior. My husband and I were looking all day, lot to lot, trying to find the perfect fit. When we pulled up and saw you – I knew that you were the one.

“It is official! 88,652 miles later I am getting my tires replaced this morning. I have had these same tires since Nov 22nd 2014 when I bought the car with only 6 miles on the car. These tires had taken me from the East to West coast, North to New York and South to Key West, across Texas when I learned I was pregnant with Harmony. Thousands of miles in wine travels and happy memories. These tires have gotten their miles but now its time to retire them. Happy trails!”

Nearly 100,000 miles we have put down on the road together since that fateful day. I don’t need to tell you how many moments of laughter, soul searching, tears, heartache, adventure, discovery and love have been made inside your four doors. Or how many conversations I’ve had or prayers I sent up through your windshield.

When I visited the Salt flats in Utah for doing some night photography 2017

We have traveled across America together! Through the Big Apple of New York City and all its crazy drivers, around back roads and alligator filled waters of the Everglades or the most Southern point of the continental United States. The long roads of Texas and the big skies of Montana, facing Presidents of old in South Dakota, geysers of Yellowstone or trees as tall as giants in California – we have seen it all.

When I was living and working on the road with ScootinAmerica – November 2015

At one point you were my home but in so many ways you have always been a home for me. I have met amazing lifelong friends, connected and reconnected with old friends. I found out that I was pregnant, took my baby home for the first time or her first road trip. Many, many miles…

From North to South, East to West – we’ve traveled the country together.

Now you are going to a new home and will transport a new family on their adventures. Treat them well Luna. A fondness of farewells my friend, Ciao Luna.

Traveling Photographer who bids you adieu


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