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Getting Geared Up…

May 13, 2019 3 min read No Comments

As we are getting closer and closer to when we are heading out of here and starting our new adventure, I discovered that we need some items to make our journey(s) easier and getting set up for Europe travel now.

So I am thinking about getting geared up for a four-day road trip with a puppy, husband and a two-year-old. Thankfully, my dear friend Angel just gave me one of her kid’s tablets that they don’t use anymore.

So now I have a kid tablet with case:

Kindle Kids HD Fire 7

Okay so now we have entertainment down but what about the sound factor? I know many of us parents get tire of listening or watching the SAME movies over and over again. Because of this I decided it is going to be good to get her some children designed and safe headphones.

Plus they are perfect colors for her!

Now I have her set up for the road trip, plane trips and future train rides after we get to Spain! This reminds me from when I was younger, when we used to take road trips growing up we had two black and white Gameboys that were passed between the four of us kids. Whoever wasn’t playing with the Gameboy would be working on school, reading or observing the world as we passed it by. The only time these Gameboys ever came out was for long road trips and that is kind of what I had in mind for this tablet. Something to keep Harmony entertained for long trips that are in our immediate future!

I had to start thinking past just the next few weeks as we travel around the United States to visit with family. What about when we are in Spain? If you haven’t traveled to Europe before let me give you an insight on walking around…there is cobblestone EVERYWHERE! I couldn’t help but think that if I had Harmony in her stroller all the time when we are walking around Paris, Rome or heck Venice with the bridges crossing over the canals. Can you imagine trying to deal with that?! Whew! No thank you! So I started researching backpack carriers that will last us the entire time we are over in Spain. Something comfortable for both Harmony and I, can give good protection and will carry her weight for the next three years. Finally I landed on the TeckCool Toddler Hiking Backpack.

We got the blue one!

It arrived on Saturday we named him Fernando!! (Don’t ask me why “Fernando” it just suited him!)

I am so excited to see the places we will go together! Though I have a great baby carrier already, the only downside of the one I already had was because it puts her body right against mine and when you are going to be walking all day in the summer in Southern Spain…you have to consider temperature control. This carrier also has a built in sun cover and has a rain coat that covers the entire backpack! This is going to be perfect when we go to England or northern Europe.

My last item I grabbed to gear up for lots of travel, these things are the greatest, is the vacuum bags. Now you can get these bags with pumps that suck the air out of the bag but I know what it is like to try to remember every single gadget you brought with you when you are packing up out of your hotel or Air BnB. To me, one more thing to remember is the last thing I need! So I found the same bags but the ones I found have a flap at the bottom to push the air out of the bag. Saves space! Totally a lifesaver!

Packs of 12 available on Amazon for cheaper than you’ll find at Wal*Mart

We are now less than two weeks away from driving away from Idaho and I am starting to feel a little more comfortable as I am packing our suitcases to live out of for the next three months and as we get established in Spain. I hope that these tips can help you too for your solo or family traveling!

Traveling Photographer Out!


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