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Walk Your Heart Out Fairbanks!

July 6, 2019 2 min read No Comments

This post is a few days late but that’s what happens when your little brother’s wedding happens just days after the event…you tend to get a little pulled away from writing for a little while.

Whew! WOW I am sore!

Still days later but man my legs are still burning! Saturday was the Midnight Sun Run and it has been more than a decade since I have “ran” the race but what I forgot is that this is a 10k race…not a 5k like I thought it was…crap!

Luckily, I wasn’t actually running it but more of a fast walk instead of a run but I definitely was passed by the “beast runners” who killed the 10k. I was out with my best friend, who flew up to visit me while in Alaska, and her three daughters. So, between the five of us we KILLED IT!

At the 4 mile marker!

The last time that I did this event I was doing it with a few friends but I wasn’t doing it with a stroller, toddlers or kids of any kind. So, to do this now as a mom and with a hoard of kids with us for the first time was this seriously a cool experience.

What I love about this particular event – it isn’t JUST about the run. This whole 10k is about COMMUNITY!! Along most of the trail you are going through residential areas of town and the residents are coming out and sitting on their front lawns cheering you on, playing music, handing you beers (because this is the only event in town where you can have an open container throughout the entire event!) and ENCOURAGING YOU!!

Crossed the finish line at 12:16am! Just two hours and sixteen minutes after the start time of 10pm!

This is what I love about my tiny town of Fairbanks! Because, though I have seen a community at 5k events I’ve attended, it was nothing like this. Community is everything, not just for this event but in life. That is why this Midnight Sun Run is such a unique and special event, plus it starts at 10pm…so how cool is that?!

Okay more Alaska Summer Loving Events Coming Soon!! Stay tuned!

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