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4 Types of Family Events that Need Live Performers

September 9, 2019 3 min read No Comments

This year has been full of family events for me! Wedding, a reunion, birthdays, needless to say – it’s been crazy! While you love seeing your family members, especially if you don’t normally get to, they can start to get dull. You might find that you only talk to the same family members at every party you go to. Or maybe all of your conversations are the same every time. It can be hard to make these events fun for the whole family. One thing that could liven it up that family members of all ages will love is live entertainment. This will provide the much-needed entertainment that every party needs.

Just a few types of live performers you can find are impersonators, singers, bands and drag queen entertainers. You can get live entertainers for a number of different family events. Here are four types of family events that you should consider hiring live entertainers for.   

Birthday parties:

While some types of family parties are rarer, you might have a few large birthday parties a year. These can be for all ages, whether it’s a young child, a sweet sixteen, or a fiftieth birthday celebration. You’ve also probably been to one of these parties and ended up not having that much fun. Family birthday parties can sometimes be boring, but live performers easily fix that. Since you can be attending multiple birthday parties that you’ll forget right away, this will create long-lasting memories for the whole family.  


One of the largest family functions you’ll attend is a wedding, perfect example is when my little brother got married this year! First time I had seen some family members in over a decade. Whether it’s a close or distant relative, attending a wedding can be a big deal. It can also take up at least a day of your time. When you’re getting married, you want your whole family to understand what a big day it is. To make a wedding more interesting, consider a live performer. Your wedding day should be about you, but you shouldn’t forget about your guests. Hiring live entertainment is the best way of making sure they enjoy your wedding. 

Family reunions:

Most people have family reunions only once every few years. Some have them even less often than that. Depending on your family, you might even have a reunion planned to take up a whole weekend. Seeing family you don’t spend a lot of time with can be exciting, but sometimes you can struggle to find something to talk about. This is why every family reunion can use some type of live entertainment. Family reunions are also a big deal, so you should treat it as such and get something special for it. 

Graduation parties:

When someone graduates from school, it’s usually the biggest day of their life up until that point. For such an achievement, they deserve a big party with their friends and family. To celebrate the graduate, hire an entertainer that you know they’ll love. Doing this as a surprise for them can make it extra special. If they’ve just graduated, most of their friends probably have as well, so  they could be attending several graduation parties. This can help set theirs apart from the rest. 

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