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First 48 Hours In Country…

September 27, 2019 3 min read No Comments

Hola my Wanderlusts!

WOW! What a crazy few days it has been for us. If you ever decide to come to Spain and more specifically, Rota, I am sure that it won’t be as insane for you coming to visit rather than moving here with the military.

On the flight to Spain – it was late forgive the bags under the eyes

I have learned A LOT in the last two days that I don’t think I could have ever really grasped just reading in a blog or a book – little ticks and quirks about the country that you think to yourself “there is no way” and yet…there it is!

Things I didn’t expect to be real:

  1. Driving in flip flops is actually illegal!
    Okay this one, I have read and was told about from several different sources but it was a concept that I thought was like an myth or “how to catch the tourist”…nope that is a legit thing. We learned that, thankfully not the hard way – but from a family we purchased a vehicle from and both of us were wearing flip flops. Sandals are okay if they have a back on them – flip flops are a big no-no if you get caught.
  2. Dinner time
    I knew that time here works a little differently, being that I’ve visited before to Spain I had a concept of what I was getting into with this one. For some reason however, it didn’t really set in for me how much that is going to dictate things for us when we are out and about traveling or things like date night. Baby sitter isn’t even going to get to our house till after Harmony is in bed 😲.
  3. Police are chill
    I have never seen a cop kicked up on the side of the road smoking a cigarette with his partner just chillin’. I know that police work is not for the light of heart but this view was worth way more than a 1,000 words had I caught it on camera.
  4. Family is everything
    This move has been a struggle. With the months leading up to packing up our house to the nearly five months (and counting) living out of suitcases with a nearly 3-year-old with driving from Idaho to Illinois, flying from Illinois to Alaska, Alaska to Virginia and now finally in Spain…yeah the struggle has been real with this move. And needless to say both myself and my 2-year-old have thrown similar looking tantrums based on exhaustion, time changes and just being beat. One thing that I have appreciated the MOST about being in Spain – how much they adore family, especially when you are walking around with a little sassy baby like I do. Even when she is losing her mind at dinner, the wait staff comes up and ensures that she is okay and that I’m doing a great job… 😲 😲 😲 so grateful!
First time we touched the Atlantic NOT standing in the U.S.A

We still don’t have a house (but we are going looking tomorrow), but we have a hotel to call home for now, a vehicle, a Spanish drivers license and the excitement to see what other wonderful things come from our new lives in our new home country.

Our hotel we are staying at – Aparthotel la Espadana

I don’t know what else this wonderful country has to offer or what other crazy strange quirks I’ll learn about but I am excited to find out what they are and to share them with all my “wanderous” people reading this blog!

Traveling Photographer Out!


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