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Festival of the Nations 2019…

October 25, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

What an adventure! Have you ever wanted to travel the whole world? If you are a “Wanderlust” like me, this is a no brainer. Well, traveling the world wasn’t on the roster today but TASTING the world was on the agenda!

This weekend we visited the Festival of the Nations in Seville. A festival that lasts over a month-long! Music, vendors, food, drinks, shows! The whole shebang!

Before we found ourselves at the doorstep of the festival we took a wrong turn on the way to the park and ended up finding the Plaza de Espana, literally walking through a beautiful park and suddenly the trees fell away to open up to this beautiful piece of historical architecture. PAH_8836

Set in a beautiful park in the heart of Seville, Prado de San Sebastian, you felt like you were a world away from the world. Inside the park, you couldn’t even hear the bustle of the street traffic that surrounds the park.

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Just steps away from each stall I could taste curry from India, a shot of Vodka from Russia or gelato from Italia and all the while never once having to pull out my passport! I was in 7th heaven, so many options and smells drifting around every corner of every stall.

TIP: Bring cash! Most of the stalls and vendors don’t take a card and there isn’t a lot of people who have a card processer.

Then there were the vendors…I LOVE going to markets. Being able to see cultural and handmade items is always fascinating to me and with much of the world right at my fingertips…pure joy. Perusing around countless items like trinkets from Peru, nuts from Brazil, bread from France and fragrances from Eygpt. It wasn’t just Spanish origin countries but a festival where any country could come and partake.

The taste, colors, smells – it was everywhere! I felt like I was being engulfed by far reaches of numerous cultures that I have and haven’t been to yet. Glorious! PAH_8921

The simple stroller from one region of the world to the other, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon with my little one as we ventured around different continents just steps away from one another.


What an accomplishment for this little rock star, all before the age of 3 she has traveled to four countries. Before the year is done she will have been to at least seven countries! Many more adventures to come!

Traveling Photographer Out!


The things I love the most...Wine, traveling, and photography! Join me on my adventures as I travel the world and share my experiences as I travel with my daughter, top places to visit and how to travel on a budget!

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