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Preparing For Carnevale…

December 27, 2019 2 min read No Comments

I have been debating a lot with myself on this particular trip…

This isn’t often something that I do, especially when it takes me back to the city of my heart – Venice!

I feel in love with Venice when I was a young girl, listening to Vivaldi and practicing my violin till my fingers were callused and sore and my family’s ears were bleeding. What was strange is that for many years I had never even been to Venice, I only ever got as close as Milan when I was 16. It wouldn’t be until my honeymoon at age 23 did I finally visit “my” city and my love was confirmed and sealed forever!

This year, moving to Spain, I decided that I was going to face my fear of large crowds and by golly, I was going to Carnevale like I had always dreamed of doing when I was a young girl.

Then a few months ago, Venice was/is underwater. Not only does my heartbreak for this beautiful city and the residence of this city – I find myself debating whether or not to actually continue with my planning to Venice and Carnevale or do I wait another year and hope that the city doesn’t sink any more during that time.

About two weeks ago I decided that I was going to revise my plan a little, instead of visiting just Venice for 9 days I was going to split and shorten my time. Three days in Verona and four days in Venice…seemed like it was going to be a good plan! Fly into Verona take the train over to Venice and be able to visit a city I’ve never been all on the same trip. Yet, I still find myself hesitant to make the final arrangements for Venice and wonder if it is worth the risk (my concern is for my daughter first who will be traveling with me) and book it or should I wait?

I have never felt this torn before while making plans for travel, usually, I am all in and don’t look back once I hit that “confirm” button. I know that they have ways for people to walk around Venice still with little to no issues if you have water boots or use the raised pathways but when I think about 400,000 people in St. Mark’s Square and there is already a foot of water in the square…either there is going to be a mad dash for the narrow pathways or something else crazy could happen.

I am currently on hold waiting to see if the situation gets better so we can enjoy our time and support the Venticans locally as much as we can. More updates to come so stay tuned!

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