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Best Tripods and Remotes for DSLRs & Phones

May 25, 2020 3 min read No Comments

Photographers and travelers alike – Gather around! I have been going over my inventory while stuck in quarantine of al my camera gear and I wanted to share some insight to some of the best tripods and remotes to use with either your phone or DSLR camera that have worked magic for me!

Let me tell you a little story, before I had these beautiful pieces of equipment my life as a photographer was a struggle. Trying to find a flat place to set up my camera, use the lens cap under the lens so it wasn’t pointed the ground, then setting time and running for it for the group photo…I definitely used to hit my 10,000 steps back then (šŸ¤£). My family used to make it a game when it was time for family photos to leave a spot for me and to see how fast I could run back and forth to make sure we got the perfect group picture.

Needless to say there were some funny comments and stories to had from that time in my life!

Best DSLR Remote – PIXEL PRO

Best DSLR Remote - PIXEL PRO

Now this particular model works with Nikon models D5200 D5300 D7100 D850 D800 D750 D610. I’ve had this particular remote for YEARS now and I love it! It helps me be able to take family photos without hiring a photographer or get the awesome trip group photo! Small and easy to transport and sync to your camera.

What I love about this brand because they have connectors for several different models of cameras. So, they have Nikon for me and maybe Canon for you!

There are a lot of other types of remotes for your DSLR cameras. However, what I’ve experiences the Pixel has lasted me longer than any other brand I’ve worked with before. I had one remote that was brand new and didn’t even work!

Best Tripod for DSLRs- AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

Best Tripod for DSLRs- AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

This tripod has been with me for over 10 countries! It doesn’t add a lot of weight to my suitcase, fits easy and I can also attach it to my camera backpack if I need the space.

What I like about this tripod is not only is it lightweight but I really like how tall it can stand! I am 5 ft 6in and with my camera attached to the top it stands at about my sternum, and it folds up pretty compact too! It isn’t the smallest tripod I own but it has been one I have taken some amazing photos with because it is easy to travel with!

Best Remote and Tripod for Phones: CLOUDSFOTO

Best Remote and Tripod for Phones: CLOUDSFOTO

100% lifesaver! I absolutely love this tripod for my phone! Mostly because I am always trying to capture content both on my phone and on my camera. Which means that sometimes there aren’t easy places to set up a tripod so having one with flexible legs is ‘clutch’!

But what is even more amazing for me is the remote too! I’ve had some good and bad experiences with these generic remotes but of all my remotes I’ve used for my phone, this is one of the better ones I’ve used!

Now I will say that there are a TON of products out there…A TON! I’ve been buying, consistently, my own equipment for over 15 years and I have gone through my fair share of different styles and brands. This is why I am recommending the ones that have been the most beneficial to use for me. I hope these can help you capture all the magic from travel or just life!


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