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Amazing Wineries of Woodinville Washington You Shouldn’t Miss!

June 16, 2020 3 min read No Comments

Hello my Lushy travelers!

As you might be able to tell from previous blog articles I’ve written like Taste Your Way Through The Best Wineries in Idaho, or Spend a Weekend or a Week in San Francisco, that I really love wine! This blog is all about the amazing wineries in Woodinville Washington that you shouldn’t miss!

Now I am going to be a little bias in this blog post because I have tasted A LOT of wines from Washington. But I am going to focus on a wine town just north of Seattle – WOODINVILLE!

I’ve spent numerous weekends and taken many trips to Woodinville, I started for the wine and kept returning for the wine and the people! I loved learning the story of each winery I’ve visited and felt like I had a personal attachment to each bottle I went home with because I knew the story of each wine from every winery.

Sol Stone Winery

Amazing Wineries of Woodinville Washington You Shouldn't Miss!
Wine class I attended

This one I have a lot of personal ties to! I absolutely love the team at Sol Stone Winery! A perfect example of David and Goliath. A small family-owned winery surrounded in the Warehouse District of Woodinville stands out among all of the wine! Their “Stoners Red”, “Grateful Red” and their “Viognier” are my favorites! A red and white that are a favorite at a single winery…that says a lot if you know me and my taste buds.

Guardian Cellars

Amazing Wineries of Woodinville Washington You Shouldn't Miss!
My wonderful tasting!

I love this winery! “A cop and a reporter meet – Fall in love and start a winery.” A beautiful story! The husband, Jerry, is a cop, and the wife, Jennifer runs two separate labels, “Guardian” and “Newsprint”. This is a winery I felt instantly at home! Oh, and the tasting room’s design in Woodinville’s Hollywood District looks amazing! It is a perfect balance between a shooting range and a newsroom! This is an amazing winery you have to stop at!

Lauren Ashton Cellars

Amazing Wineries of Woodinville Washington You Shouldn't Miss!

“SAVOR – Throughout the wine making process, Lauren Ashton Cellars maintains a vigilant adherence to quality. Which starts in the vineyard, endures at the winery, and finishes in your glass.”

I have had a lot of really good wines from Lauren Ashton! It would be hard to name them all, this winery is one of the first wineries I visited in Washington. So, needless to say it holds a special place in my heart.

Love That Red Winery

Amazing Wineries of Woodinville Washington You Shouldn't Miss!

We are off to the races! I love this winery! I also love how the whole winery is themed after a horse track, to me it felt like the Kentucky Derby. This is also one of the only wineries whose port my whole family loves! It is a small tasting room but what they don’t have in space, they make up for in big bold wines!

Truth Teller Winery

Amazing Wineries of Woodinville Washington You Shouldn't Miss!

“When we found out our Swiss last name means “village idiot” we did a dance, told a joke and decided it was time to start a winery!”

All of the wines at Truth Teller Winery are named after historical “storytellers”. Oh my gosh they have some amazing wines to go with it! I love the personality of this winery!

They honor the concept of truth to power and welcome everyone who shares that passion for laughter, stories, quirky humor, pleasurable conversation.

I love sharing my wine experiences with you from around the world!


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