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Best Packing Tips for Flying with a Carry-On

February 3, 2021 3 min read No Comments

Greets all wanderlust lovers and travelers! So, if you follow my social media you know that I’ve recently returned home from a month long journey back to the USA from Spain. What happens when you travel halfway around the world and back? You board A LOT of flights. This made me think…I want to share my best packing tips for flying with a carry-on!

The struggle with traveling with a carry-on…to me is the fluids. Especially since recently TSA has changed the rules on how much you can bring onboard from 4oz to 3.4oz.

Here are a few packing tips that any traveling, avid or casual traveler should know….


This is going to change your world! Not only will it help give you more space in your luggage but heaven forbid that your liquids to pop open because of pressure, it will save your clothes from getting ruined. I use XUTAI Travel Vacuum Storage Bags (Click to go to Amazon). What I like about this brand is it has a little handy pump you can bring with you or you can just roll the air out of the bags too. I like the options of either! Trust me when flying with a carry-on you need to make sure you have as much room as possible!

Best Packing Tips for Flying with a Carry-On


I learned this trick in the military, a Navy rack (aka bed) on a ship provides much to be desired in regards to space. If you’re able to roll your clothes tightly and then put your clothes into the space saver bags to vacuum seal shut – you’ll be in good shape.

Best Packing Tips for Flying with a Carry-On
When you roll your clothes you can pack much more!


This is always a struggle for me when I’m traveling. Obviously, I enjoy putting together cute outfits but I’m also a practical traveler. Good comfortable shoes, dress for your location and wear your bulky shoes on the plane. Unfortunately I haven’t found the best system for traveling with shoes in my carry-on luggage…unless it is flip-flops or sandals, those are easy.


I have found a single system that is the best ever for taking my lotion, face wash, shampoo and conditioner all in a single – TSA approved container. The Travigo 4-in-1 Travel Bottle Dispenser, Includes Four Empty Reusable 1.4 oz. (40 mL) Cosmetic Toiletry Containers for Sanitizer, Soap, Lotions, Skincare, Makeup Products (click text to go to Amazon). This is the greatest travel item I’ve ever picked up for myself! Because it has all my toiletry items in one spot – and for me that is one less thing I can lose. It is all in one handy spot!

Best Packing Tips for Flying with a Carry-On


When you travel it is always fun to pick up a few trinkets from your travels. This can prove to be a problem if you leave on your journey all ready packed to the seams. This is why these packing tips are great because if you follow them you should have room to bring home a few things. But what I did…because I was bringing a lot home this time around (mostly wine…but I have a special suitcase for that) I decided that a good option was to ship items home. For example, once wel left Alaska on our way back to Spain we didn’t need our big winter jackets so I boxed up the items that took up a lot of room or we didn’t need or want right away when we got home and sent it through the mail! Less to deal with at the airport, which trust me, traveling halfway around the world with a toddler…one less thing to deal with at the airport is a Godsend.

These are my few but crucial tips for packing when flying with carry-on items. Pack light, especially if you know that you’ll have access to laundry. Pack intentional, might sound weird but promise it makes sense when your looking at your bag and wondering if you really need that extra jacket or pair of shoes.

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