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Christmas Cookie and Wine Pairing

Wine & Christmas Cookie Pairing

December 21, 2021 2 min read No Comments

Have you ever read a more perfect title? Who doesn’t like to pair their wine with some amazing Christmas cookies? Well, I set out on an experiment to pair several wines with many of the traditional cookies or tastes you’d have around the holidays!

Obviously, there are a LOT of flavors of cookies that are out there. You have chocolate, butter, mint, gingerbread, macron and so much more! This is going to just be a few of the many options that are out there so keep that in mind!

Christmas Cookie Plater at My House

Prosecco & Sugar Cookies (or Anginetti Cookies)

A nice dry prosecco is a great choice for sugar cookies. The more acidic taste of prosecco helps cut through the creamy, fatty taste of a good sugar cookie and the bubbles contrast nicely with the smooth cookie.

This is a no-brainer! Chocolate and nice hearty Cabernet are the best of friends because of how rich the chocolate is the tannins help cut the cake and fudgy texture. But that isn’t the only cookie that a good Cabernet Sauvignon is paired with…

A strong flavor like peppermint can easily overwhelm subtly flavored wines. For a good pairing, try minty cookies with a full-bodied red like Cabernet. While red wines typically do well with chocolate, they are a good match for herbal mint flavors, too.

Zinfandel or Riesling Gingerbread Cookies

A gingerbread cookie is a very complex and flavorful cookie that can be paired with several different wines – that means that you don’t have just one. A Zinfandel is a fruit-based wine that has a strong taste. Its dark color and bold flavors go well with gingerbread cookies. Then the opposite side of the spectrum of wines is a Riesling light, fruity flavors of a good riesling create a nice contrast for the bold winter spices of a spicy gingerbread cookie, which enhances the flavors of both cookie and wine. The smooth, slightly oily texture of the wine also contrasts well with the rough texture of most gingerbreads.

Chardonnay & Butter Cookies

Chardonnay has a lovely, buttery flavor that pairs well with rich shortbreads and smooth butter cookies. The vanilla notes in chardonnay further complement the simple yet decadent flavors of a tasty shortbread.

Sweet Red or Riesling & Lavander and White Chocolate Cookies

Lavender is an aphrodisiac and when you put that in a cookie with a white chocolate glaze topping…is your mouth watering yet? This wine has a sweet taste and flowery aroma, and its subtlety lets the lavender’s fragrance grow on the palate.


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