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Top Activities in Malta for Kids

September 11, 2023 3 min read No Comments

Malta is a family-friendly destination with plenty of activities to keep kids entertained and engaged. Here are some of the best activities to do in Malta with kids:

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Visit the Malta National Aquarium:

Kids will love exploring the underwater world at the National Aquarium in Qawra. It features a vast range of marine life, including sharks, seahorses, and colorful fish, providing an educational and exciting experience.

Splash and have fun at Water Parks:

Spend a day at one of Malta’s water parks, such as the Splash and Fun Water Park or the Popeye Village Water Park. These parks offer various slides, pools, and water play areas suitable for kids of all ages. Be sure to check when the parks are open as many of them are only open from May – October. If you’re traveling in winter months this might not be one of the top activities to research for your kids.

Enjoy a day at the beach:

Malta’s beaches are perfect for family fun. Head to Golden Bay, Mellieħa Bay, or Ghajn Tuffieha, which have shallow waters, making them safe for children to swim and play.

Playmobil FunPark:

Located in Ħal Far, Playmobil FunPark is a delight for younger kids. Imagine Lego Land but bigger (since playmobils are designed larger). This park features large Playmobil play sets and themed play areas where children can unleash their creativity and imagination. It is certainly a great day to let your kids run off some energy. I recommend doing this the day before you have a long tour booked where you might be in a car or bus for a long period of time.

Take a boat trip to Comino:

Kids will love a boat trip to Comino’s Blue Lagoon, with its shallow and crystal-clear waters, ideal for paddling and swimming. Many boat tours offer family-friendly experiences. Getting out on the water is 100% necessary while in Malta and the Blue Lagoon is one of the top locations in Malta to do so! Definately fun for the whole family – to schedule a tour click here

Limestone Heritage Park and Gardens:

This park in Siggiewi offers an interactive and educational experience about Malta’s traditional use of limestone. Kids can enjoy exploring the gardens and watching stone sculptors at work. Limestone is a huge piece of the history of Malta, so this is a fun “museum” to visit with the kids. It doesn’t take more than an hour and you’re walking through an audio exhibit so it is good for younger kids!

Malta Falconry Centre:

Located in Siggiewi, the Falconry Centre showcases impressive birds of prey in action. Kids can learn about these majestic birds and even have the opportunity to hold them. If you want to introduce the Malta Falconry to your kids in a digital way first – you can always visit the “Malta Experience” in Valletta. Or if your kids have read “The Maltese Falcon” they might have an idea of the importance of Falcons here.

Popeye Village:

This film set turned attraction in Mellieħa is based on the movie “Popeye” and is a fun place for kids to meet characters, enjoy puppet shows, and take part in interactive activities.

Outdoor adventures:

Explore the Maltese countryside with your kids by going on family-friendly hikes, picnics, or cycling trips. Places like Buskett Gardens and the Dingli Cliffs offer scenic spots for outdoor activities.

Remember to consider your kids’ interests and preferences when planning activities in Malta. The island’s is dripping with a family-friendly atmosphere and diverse range of attractions ensure that both parents and children will have a memorable time together.

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