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How Do You View Success?

“People of The Mountains” – This is one of my favorite stories I have captured from my life on the road! I loved my drive through Utah because there is…

French Bourbon

Welcome to the episode where I share about my first, and thus far, only experience traveling to New Orleans! This adventure showed Me that, you never know what you’ll stumble…

Gateway to the West

This episode is all about TERRIBLE life choices! This story is all about how I was BOUND and DETERMINED to make it to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, but…

That Show Is My Life

Welcome to the FINAL EPISODE of Season 1 of She is Never Lost But At Least She Has Wine. Let me start off by saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER!” Without my…

Floating Paradice

Take a gondola ride with me through the streets of Venice as I share my experience of dreaming about going to a single location in an obsessive manner since I…

Wayfare World

Welcome to the episode of where I share my story about when I lived on the road and out of my car for 6 months for my job! It was…

Use Your Voice

Have you ever done something so crazy that you think “THIS WILL NEVER WORK”? Well, that is the story I am sharing today in this episode! I am talking about…

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