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Around the World in 253 Days

March 25, 2021 1 min read No Comments

The story I will be highlighting this week is talking about some of the life lessons I learned while on my first deployment in the Navy in 2011! It wasn’t just about circumnavigating the globe in under a year (I know not as impressive as 180 days but still) I learned other important life lessons that I hadn’t faced in my life before.

Wine Highlight of the Week

2019 100% Barbazul Chardonnay

Barbazul Blanco is a white wine produced by the Huerta de Albala cellar in Cádiz.

This is a varietal Chardonnay from their own vineyards, planted on hillsides at an altitude of between 100 and 200 meters above sea level. The farm is located between the Sierra de Gazalema and the Bornos swamp, which provides a special microclimate. Warm days with cool nights help keep the acidity in the grapes and allow a slow maturation. Harvesting is done manually and grapes are rapidly transported to the winery to avoid possible oxidation and deterioration. Barbazul Blanco is fermented at a controlled temperature of 12° C for a period of 20 days. A floral and fruity Chardonnay.

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