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Baby’s First Flight

February 18, 2021 1 min read No Comments

I gotta tell you – the first time I ever took my daughter on her first flight…I was terrified! Even being as seasoned and experienced as I am with traveling I was still so nervous the first time I boarded a plane with my six-week-old daughter.

Wine Highlight of the Week:

This is the wine that started my love of white wines! I never had much interest in pursuing white wines but when I tried this wine…it changed my world. This stunning bright and pale straw-colored wine breathes a soft white peach and bartlett pear on the nose with hints of minerality and lime zest. Full flavors of stone fruit and passion fruit reveal themselves amid a supple mouthfeel and finish with juicy lime and slate on the palate….and they ship! www.willorch.com

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