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November 27, 2021 1 min read No Comments

I know that sounds like an overstatement or one that is overly cocky but in this episode, I am so grateful to have my MOM on the show with me! This is the woman who taught me everything about traveling until I started striking out on my own and picking up my own tips, she is the woman who proved to me at a young age that you can travel as a solo (not single) parent with kids – she did it WITH 4! Roadtripping across the US, going to foreign countries, and so much more!

In this episode, she shares that the road wasn’t always the prettiest but in the end, the joys of traveling and taking your family on adventures were totally worth it!

Wine of the Week: Rosè Port

If you’ve never had a Rosè port then you are missing out! This is the perfect example of how the wine industry learned to adapt to a younger demographic of drinkers. The Porto Cruz Pink is the perfect sipper or you can even make it into cocktails!

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