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What to Pack for Salt Lake City?

April 11, 2020 4 min read No Comments

When you are starting to pack for your trip for Salt Lake City you will need to plan for several layers. Since Salt Lake City sits at an elevation of 4,226 feet, there is a good chance that you could see all four seasons sweep through Salt Lake. Temperatures in Salt Lake during the winter are all over the place, and the summers the temperatures vary between 60s and the mid 100s, so I wanted to write this blog to prepare you before your trip!

What to Pack for Salt Lake City?

Clothes for Summer

June, July and August are THE HOTTEST months in Salt Lake City. This is a very dry heat since you are in the high desert but with the lake near the city some days you can get the “lake effect” on some days which causes humidity that lays over the sits over the city.

Short sleeved tops, t-shirts, cardigans – These are perfect for casual wear and touring around Salt Lake City. Keep in mind that it gets chilly in the evening, so it is good to have.

Leggings, shorts, carpi pants, shorts, skirts – It is good to pack several sets of three-quarter length capris, shorts, and longer skirts will guarantee you access to sacred places around Salt Lake like, shrines and temples, this will help keep you away from any awkward situation.

Sundresses, maxi dresses – Dresses are a traveler’s essential in the summer. Start the day off with an adorable sundress, or you can throw a shawl or light cardigan on for evening wear, walking around beautiful downtown.

Clothes for Spring and Autumn

March, April and May are the Spring months! Salt Lake climates can be a little cool and breezy. It is so important to dress in layers is when the temperatures range – so it is important to always think about not just the current weather but plan for the entire day.

Autumn begins in September to November with temperatures ranging from warmer days in September to cooler days reaching through November. With marginal adjustments between both seasons, you should think about packing similar clothing for spring and autumn and dressing in layers.

What to Pack for Salt Lake City?
  • Hooded jacket or cardigan, blouse or T-shirt – Thicker fabrics for tops are needed during spring and autumn
  • Pants or long skirt – Keeping warm with pants and longer skirts it will be . A versatile long skirt with prints will lend a glamorous touch, yet practical for the weather.
  • Stockings – Lounge around at night in the comfy of your hotel in wool socks and keep your toes fuzzy warm. You can wear stockings over open toe sandals during the day for all-day comfort.

Clothes for winter

December, January and February marks the season of winter in Salt Lake City. Utah winters are beautiful wonderlands for the lovers of snow, ice, skiing and snowboarding. This state is home to some amazing world-class resorts, where you can hit the slopes during the day and relax at night by a cozy fire. Pack the right clothes and if you are a snow sports enthusiast be sure you pack your equipment for a fantastic winter in Utah.

  • Warm inner layers, like thermal shirts, thick pants or knit skirt, and sweaters, – Keep warm and cozy and start off with inner layers.
  • Coats or down jackets – You’ll want to wear good outer layers over your inner layers to insulate body heat because it can get windy in Salt Lake. Thicker jackets are essential warmer days, but it can turn chilly suddenly, without any warning.
What to Pack for Salt Lake City?

Sun Protection

The higher altitude in Salt Lake makes the air all year is very thin. This can cause your skin to be very dry on the skin. You can even feel dehydrated while you are visiting so make sure that you are drinking lots of water. You’ll also want to pack lots of body lotion, moisturizing face cream, and a lip balm Is essential to protect skin from feeling taut, and lips from getting chapped.

In the summer it is very important to protect your skin with a sunscreen, I highly recommend you bring a minimum SPF of 30. I learned this the hard way, altitude and strong sun equals VERY bad sun burn.

Activities for Salt Lake City Year-Round

There is so much to do around Salt Lake City, indoor activities, shopping for every enthusiast, outdoor lovers – everyone has something to do in Salt Lake!

  • Visiting Utah Olympic Park
  • Red Butte Garden
  • Bicycle Tours – these are the greatest things! You can hop on and off whenever you want and explore the ins and outs of Salt Lake in a way that you never could while driving.
  • Redwood Drive-In Movie Theater (these are one of the last in the country – there are only 15 states with drive in theaters left)
  • Bonneville Salt Flats
  • Great Salt Lake Marina
  • Timpanogos Cave Tours
  • Grandeur Peak – If you are into hiking this is where you’ll want to spend the day, absolutely worth the day trip it takes to concur Grandeur peak.
  • Social Axe Throwing – have you seen the Facebook videos of Jason Momoa throwing an axe? This is where you can be just like Momoa or Braveheart!
  • Utah Wine Tours – You might not have pegged Utah as a wine drinking region, but this area is great for tasting some amazing wines. 

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