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How I Spent A Weekend in a Wine Barrel

October 18, 2020 3 min read No Comments

“Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever slept?”

I would defiantly have to put sleeping in a wine barrel at the top of the more unique locations to vacation! So let me tell you how we spend a magnificent weekend in a wine barrel!

During our last trip to Portugal, we drove from the South of Spain up through Sintra, onto Porto and then finally ended our trip with a relaxing three days at Quinta Da Pacheca.

How I Spent A Weekend in a Wine Barrel
The view of barrels from the driveway

It was lunchtime when we drove up to the gateway of the vineyard of Quinta Da Pacheca. As it is was the end of September for this trip, I knew that we would be arriving during the harvest season. You can smell the sweet grape juices in the cool fall air as we drove down the driveway with the windows of the car down. My heart starts to beat faster as my “wine geek self” starts to do an internal happy dance.

Our barrel wasn’t quite ready to check in yet. So, we went upstairs in the main building of the hotel where there is one of their restaurants. I had been a little nervous about traveling to a luxurious location with a three-year-old, but when I walked into that dining room all my fears disappeared.

How I Spent A Weekend in a Wine Barrel
Grapes just before harvest

There were families of all sizes and ages there! A business meeting in the corner, a newly-wedded couple near the window with a view, a large family gathering so big that they had a separate table just for kids and a young family with an infant. I knew at that moment that I wasn’t going to have any issues with bringing a toddler to a Wine Barrel Hotel.

To me this trip wasn’t just about going to wine country during harvest season in a new country with my daughter. It was more about continuing to live by my personal anthem. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the things you want to do.

How I Spent A Weekend in a Wine Barrel
Our view from the patio of the wine barrel

Our delicious lunch was served with a bottle of Quinta Da Pacheca’s Rosé wine, a perfect afternoon sipping wine. Soon after we finished our lunch our barrel was ready! The staff was amazing! We were shown to our barrel after being given a full tour of the property.

On this tour we were shown the winery room, where al the tours and tastings begin. From the tasting room we walked the grounds where we were shown the vineyards where there are wonderful walking paths to enjoy. There is a resident artist studio, a chapel, a pool,

How I Spent A Weekend in a Wine Barrel
Around the side of the chapel

At the end of the tour we headed up the hill towards the barrels and my God I thought my little heart was about to explode! I have been planning my trip to Quinta Da Pacheca for well over a year now and it was finally coming to life! Wine barrel row has 10 massive wine barrel rooms that are all named after different varietals of grapes local to Portugal.

This was the first vacation I’ve ever taken where I sat around and soaked up the view, relaxing, drinking wine, sitting by the pool – this was the first real VACATION I’ve ever taken. Even when my family wen to Fiji on a family vacation, I was still buzzing around constantly.

At Quinta Da Pacheca, you can have the full wine, relaxing, vacation. With a spa, pool, two restaurants, a hotel, the wine barrel rooms, wine tours, beautiful vineyards and so much more.

How I Spent A Weekend in a Wine Barrel
My little one relaxing by the pool

Whether you are traveling on a romantic weekend away, a girls wine trip, or a family vacation, Quinta Da Pacheca is the place to visit!


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