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Never Leave on a Road Trip Without These Tools

November 8, 2020 3 min read No Comments

This is going to be one of those blogs I am going to say “take my word for it”! I am going to share with you tools you should never leave on a road trip without!

I have been taking road trips throughout my WHOLE life. When I talk about my whole life, I mean my mom took me on my first road trip when I was like a month old…whole life!

Since I am well versed in what to pack for a short or a long road trip I wanted to share tools with you that you should never leave on a road trip without!

Power Adapter:

I have a power adapter that plugs into the car that has USB ports and plug outlets and this has been a lifesaver. This way I am able to charge all the electrical items I need or have. This includes, when my car is set up for long term road trips, my car cooler (more to come on that)

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Phone Holder:

This one is always good to have in your car anyways. I love having this because it makes it easy to answer the phone and see who is calling. I can see maps and hear it at the same time. Definitely a good tool to have with you.

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Emergency Kit:

This is an ABSOLUTE must! No matter what. Preparation is key when it comes to road trips, especially of you are traveling alone or with children. In my emergency kit I always keep:
1) Fix-a-flat – this is a perfect fast solution to a flat tire. Not a long one but enough to get you to a repair shop for your tire.
2) Spare fuses: I always keep extra fuses for my dash and my engine in my car just in case. I started doing this after an unfortunate situation that left me on the side of the road in Pennsylvania one dark night. Learn from my experience.
3) Tire Wrench – the good ones. This helps speed up the process when you are stuck on the side of the road. The wrench I am talking about collapses easily so it works well for travel.
4) Reflective Triangle – Always better when you can be seen
5) Jumper cables – this one is an obvious
6) Bungee Cords – you never know when they will come in handy

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A personalized first-aid kit

Having a first-aid kit with you will not only help with unexpected injuries, but you can also use the contents for other things, such as Band-Aids as tape. Though you can buy one ready to go, I recommend personalizing the first-aid kit, too, and adding items like hand sanitizer, baby wipes and a Tide pen – ya never know.

Fabric squares:

These will save your life and sanity when you are road tripping. I love using these because it helps keep me organized, especially when traveling with children. I use these for keeping my cords, toys, food/snacks, and change of clothes organized when we’re on longer road trips.

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Music is always a must! I have the best times rocking out behind my steering wheel – or when I need a break from music I have a few audio books lined up to help stimulate my mind when the miles start to wain on me.

These are just a few good tips to get you started. Obviously you know what is going to best suit you when you are traveling alone, for work, with the family, just with the kids. Whatever the situation that is taking you on the road.

What are your favorite road trip items to pack (mine are snacks but I figured I didn’t need to make that it’s own section đŸ˜„


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