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Tips on How to Travel with Children on Long Flights

September 8, 2021 3 min read No Comments

Ready parents! This is where the rubber meets the road, how to survive with your children for a long flight and everyone exits the plane with their sanity and all their hair! In this blog, I am sharing all my tips on how to travel with children on a long flight. Trust me, I’ve used these same tricks when we were traveling for 61 hours halfway across the globe.

1. Pack Snacks

The first piece of advice that I can provide any parent who is looking to undertake a long flight with children is to pack a lot of snacks! In-flight service isn’t very reliable and the food is expensive. You never know when that service will come around and no one wants to deal with a “hangry” baby. Pack LOADS of snacks! It is better to have more than less and having a variety too is important!

2. Bring a Change of Clothes (For Everyone)

Trust me, there is nothing worse than a spill or an accident and you aren’t even halfway through a long journey. When my little one was barely a year old we went to visit the grandparents and while sitting in first class (we were upgraded) and my infant projectile vomiting all down my front…it was the WORST. That is when I learned this important lesson…PACK A CHANGE OF CLOTHES! You’ll thank me for this later!

3. Special Travel Toys

When I am packing for a trip, I bring out my special box of travel toys. This box is full of engaging and entertaining toys that don’t take up much space. My little one only gets to play with these toys when we are traveling which helps keeps things interesting and I can keep those same toys for many trips without having to buy new ones often.

4. Charge Everything!

This is one thing that can be a struggle, especially if you’re on your devices before you’ve even taken off. I try to hold off on handing off a tablet to my kid when we are traveling and it’s a more last-ditch resort, of course, this is my personal choice. The worst thing I can think of though is needing the tablet and it being dead! I keep a portable charger with me when I travel but before leaving for the airport, always remember to charge everything.

5. Consider flying when they’re asleep

Some kids can sleep anywhere. Others can’t and will melt down into a terrifying, pig-tailed mini monster right before your horrified eyes. Ask yourself what category your kid fits into when booking that red-eye Tokyo-to-Atlanta flight. Personally, I prefer overnight flights as it gives me a chance to get some sleep as well. Maybe even watch a movie as I enjoy my meal of rubbery poultry and sneak in a glass of white wine. Plus, trying to fill an entire 13-hour flight with fun but quiet activities is challenging.

Ultimately, you need to give yourself grace! Take every leg in stride, it can be overwhelming to think about traveling long distances with your little one. Especially, if you’re doing this travel alone. Have no fear! Take a deep breath and just remember that you can do it!

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